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Organization: Caritas Czech Republic

Caritas Czech Republic ( CCR ) responded to the December 2004 tsunami with its core livelihood project “ Sustainable Livelihoods & Strengthening Community Organizations “ for the tsunami affected communities in six sub districts of Aceh Jaya district of Aceh province.

Since the launch of the mission in early 2005, both the relief phase, and long term development initiatives were carried out with a suite of agricultural/agro forestry and aqua cultural activities. Livelihood beneficiaries demonstrated significant recovery of their livelihood and expansion of business opportunities and a large number was able to increase their income. The formation of groups and co-operatives helped the beneficiaries to increase their access to the market and to contribute to local development. The savings of many groups increased especially for the members of KNJA and KPPT cooperatives which had a positive impact on improving the livelihood of their families.

Livelihood interventions support and increase sustainability of current activities such as fish cultivation, microfinance and sustainable agriculture and agro forestry. However, this support is still at an initial stage and needs to be further developed and facilitated before CCR will leave the project areas. Among the major challenges of the livelihood interventions are the consequences of short-term support in capacity building & consolidating initiatives of KNJA/KPPT in cooperative development and management, post harvest and marketing and increased knowledge of targeted communities in disaster risk reduction in the context of livelihood programming.

CCR is currently in the process of developing follow up Livelihood Project Proposal ( January 2009- June 2010 ) which should build on the lessons learned of the previous project and concentrate on strengthening of existing capacities. Important part of this project should be also pilot implementation of DRR in selected communities of Aceh Jaya.

Location: Aceh Jaya district, Aceh province, Indonesia
Closing date: 28th November 2008


– Preparation and management of DRR implementation in selected communities being part of CCR major Livelihood project in Aceh Jaya ( implementation period January 2009- June 2010 )
– Accountable to Project Manager of CCR major Livelihood project in Aceh Jaya
– Responsible for CCR project staff involved in the DRR implementation, responsible for long term proper trainings and capacity building in DRR of the project staff ( also related to other staff of CCR Aceh Mission )
– Close networking and relationship building with other state and non governmental organizations involved in the DRR field

Required Qualifications:

– degree in development, social science or related field
– at least 3 year professional experience in managing and implementing of DRR projects, including managing of DRR capacity building
– good experience with networking related the field of DRR
– strong skills in project proposal and report development and writing ( bahasa Indonesia and English )
– Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with best practices for emergency preparedness and DRR, in variety of operational contexts
– Ability to design training materials and modules, and facilitate trainings
– Familiarity with current approaches and guidelines for M&E, impact measurement and accountability in humanitarian & development sectors
– Demonstrates qualities of oral and written communication skills, cultural sensitivity, ability to work in team and under stress
– Good understanding of PRA tools, basic community facilitation skills
– Excellent command of English and Indonesian language ( Aceh language desirable )
– Experience and creativity using computers, internet technology, word, excel

Salary Range: negotiable

Location: based in the main office of Caritas Czech Republic in Banda Aceh ( plus field offices in Lamno and Laguen in Aceh Jaya )

Probation Period: 3 months
Duration of Contract: one year, renewable minimally up to 31st June 2010
Vacation: National holidays of the country of employment plus 20 vacation days per year
Start Date: 15th December 2008
motivation letter together with CV with minimum three references to be sent to:
Martin Vane
( please contact us only if you fulfill the point: Required qualifications )


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